Spirit Horse is the phenomenal female musical duo that is leaving their extraordinary mark on the live music scene. Their sound is as diverse, exciting, and unique as the people they perform for!  With a magical blend of soulful vocals, lively percussion, strong song arrangements, and an undeniable rapport with their audiences, SPIRIT HORSE is finding their way into the hearts of music lovers! 

Who are these woman?

Tempe and Jodi are avid horsewomen who have a fierce love of the wilderness and a passion for adventure. Their music reflects their fearlessness and their love affair  with life!

Tempe RedHawk is the vocalist, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter for SPIRIT HORSE. She has toured successfully for years as a professional solo artist. She has recorded multiple studio albums. She has performed throughout the United States and appeared on various TV shows and radio programs. She has co-written musical theatre works, and continues to write and record new music!


Jodi Leppo is the Native American Flute player and the percussionist for Spirit Horse. She has played the flute for over a decade and loves sharing this amazing instrument with others. She is the band's heartbeat as she plays drum and percussion, and delivers strong beats to the music. Her endless energy and enthusiasm is contagious and is an absolute blast to behold!